Chiropractic and Dry Needling Results: I came in twice a day for seven weeks for adjustments and twice a week for dry needling. The first three weeks were absolutely the most pain I’ve ever been in. The next six weeks I did dry needling which was the best decision ever! By doing the adjustments & dry needling together, it saved me from back surgery and months of recovery. My back is now more stable than it has ever been.

– Caitlin A.

“Acupuncture has amazing results! I came in today with a head cold and a sinus headache. It might have been allergies too. I had a session today and my headache and nasal congestion is gone. I feel amazing.”

– Vickie C.

“This place rocks. Try it out.”

– Denin P.

“So I just have to give a big shout out to Doug for what he did for me today. I injured my foot last September playing soccer. Luckily did not go through with surgery but was still having trouble with it today Doug adjusted my foot and for the first time in over 5 months I am able to walk without shoes on and can even raise up on my toes and walk with NO PAIN! I literally started crying and just hugged him. Now I can get back to my old work out routine and feel like myself again Thank you so much Doug! You are the best!”

– Beth Weston G.

“Great place for an sdjustment!! Dr. Doug Jordan makes you feel welcome and hell keep you inline!!!”

– Sean P.

“A little over a year ago I went to see Dr. Doug again after many years because I could barely walk due to sciatic nerve pain now I am going to bootcamp three to five times a week and feeling great! Thanks Doug”

– Randi D.

“Love Dr. Doug!”

– Teresa R.

“Good hot chocolate and good service”

– Faith L.

“I help our of our patients and take the time to hear what their concerns are- unfortunately the negative review which cannot be taken off was a employee whom we asked to leave.”

– Vicki J.

“I enjoy the convenience of not having to set up appointments for my adjustments. I go in when my schedule allowes and normally dont ever have to wait for my turn. My visits dont usually require more than 10 minutes but Dr. Doug always takes the time to answer my questions and address any pain or discomfort with almost immediate results. I wish had gone to him years ago!”

– Juan Lara R.

“Great place! Awesome doctor who really cares about your health! I wouldnt go anywhere else!!”

– Katherine E.

“The staff is great. The office hours good. I can go for my adjustments before , after work or in the middle of the afternoon. Dr Doug is methodical and caring with patients. He has a great bedside manner. I feel so much better since visiting Family First Chiropractic on a regular basis.”

– Stuart D.

“Dr. Doug has helped me in so many ways. My biggest problem was with my neck, his help kept me from having major shots in nerve close to my spine. Very dangerous. So thankful for his service. Thank you Dr. Doug!”

– Judy F.